It is a huge loss for the Wales Rugby Team, as Cliff Morgan passed away recently, at the age of 83. Cliff Morgan is considered to be one of the greatest rugby players of all times, and he has been a huge asset for the Wales Rugby Team during his heydays. And apart from playing for the Wales Rugby Team, he had also played alongside the British Lions and the Barbarians.

And apart from playing rugby, he was also known as one of the best rugby commentators of all times. He had huge skills both on and off the pitch. On the pitch, he was unbeatable, and the opposing team always had to be extra wary of him, while as a commentator, he was one of the most sought after.

He had helped Wales win a staggering twenty nine caps, and needless to say, he was a huge asset for the Wales Rugby team, both when he was a player himself, and also when he was a broadcaster. Back in 1952, Cliff Morgan had helped the Wales Rugby Team clinch the Grand Slam, and then later on in 1956, he was given the post of captaincy for the rugby team. He had been suffering from a grievous illness for a very long time, and he finally took his last breath at his home on the Isle of Wight.

John Dawes, who was a skipper for the Wales Rugby team, said that Cliff Morgan had that little bit of magic that comes with every Welsh outside-halves, and that he was one of the all time rugby greats to have ever played the game. Needless to say, this loss will come as a heavy blow for the Wales Rugby Team, and that Cliff Morgan will be sorely missed by all and sundry.