Wales Rugby team

A women’s Wales rugby team is in real jeopardy of going out of business, because a third of the entire squad has become pregnant!

This has come as shocking news to the authorities of the Kidwelly ladies’ rugby club, after five of their crucial players became pregnant almost all at once, and now they are opting out of the team, because they want to focus on motherhood.

So the team officials have put in a very urgent call for new players to come up and try out for the team, because if new players do not come, then it is very likely that the team will be dissolved. Manager Kim Hulance is really worried, as many players, other than the ones who became pregnant, have dropped out of the team. There were many reasons as to why these Wales rugby team players dropped out.

One very crucial reason was that the team had to travel a lot to play games outside their base, and this did not sit very well with a few players, as they did not like all the heavy travelling that was involved. And apart from this reason, another reason as to why some players left the team was because they simply retired, having played to their fullest capabilities.

Due to this shortage of players, the Wales rugby team was not able to fulfill certain fixtures last year, and this can spell doom for the team, as there are certain requisites that need to be satisfied if the teams to be kept afloat. There were so few players that during the last season, there were just nine players who went to the league game, which is a devastatingly low number. So new players are desperately needed, if Kidwelly is going to stay in the league and continue playing.