One of the biggest questions that has come up with regards to the Wales Rugby Team over the last couple of years is what will the team do without their talismanic Adam Jones and although the traditional norm is no one is irreplaceable, particularly in a team sport, the winner of three Grand Slams, Jones, is very close to becoming the single exception to that norm.

The Welsh national rugby team has come leaps and bounds over the last few years after going through a very lean patch and there is now a greater strength in depth in the team than it had seen in many a year with the coach having multiple options across the field but the position of tight head is still a position that is reserved for their ‘mane man’ Jones.

And one thing is for certain as well, they are still not ready to lose their most charismatic player on the pitch and if one has seen the plays of the Wales Rugby Team over the last few years, it is from Jones that almost every good thing that the team does, emanates from.

In the Slams of 2005, 2008 and 2012, the Welsh team has played a total of 15 matches and Jones has missed just one of those matches, which is a testament to the caliber and quality of the player and it is an accepted fact that he is the cornerstone of the success that the team has achieved in recent years.

And the Welsh team has struggled to find a regular cover to find a suitable cover for the player with the mane and one doubts what the Wales Rugby Team will do when he eventually decides to call time on his career, as has been reported in the local media.