Warburton aims for Six Nations Title

The Welsh national team captain is positive of Wales’ chances at capturing the 2012 Six Nations trophy. Sam Warburton believes that the Welsh players will be able to lift the trophy above their heads on March 17. That’s when their play the last match of the tournament against France, at the Millenium Stadium, in Cardiff.

Warburton noticed that all tickets for the last game of the tournament have been already sold out and thinks that fans and rugby experts expect that Wales will provail this year. Sam confirms that the upcoming match against Ireland, in Dublin, is the most important. A win is needed in order to start the campaign with maximum confidence.

Week 1 of the 2012 Six Nations also schedules England vs Scotland at Murrayfield (Edinburgh) and France vs Italy at the Stade de France, in Paris.

Wales hosts Scotland on February 12, for the 2nd match-day of the tournament, before traveling to London for a battle royal with England, at Twickenham Stadium. Next they host Italy during week 4 before the already mentioned clash with France.

Sam Warburton also follows his skipper instincts and demands for all British fans to cheer for Andy Murray during the Final stages of the Aussie Open Grand Slam!