Warren Gatland Thinks He Might Lose His Head Coach Position Of The Wales Rugby Team

The 51 years old Warren Gatland from New Zealand who is the coach of the Wales Rugby Team may not be able to coach the team for long after Roger Lewis Resigned from his post of Chief Executive of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Roger Lewis stepped down from his post last year in the month of October. Gatland is bound by contract to coach the Wales Rugby Team till the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Gatland’s homeland is New Zealand and in order to perform his duties as the head coach of the Welsh Rugby team, in the year 2007, he had to move to Wales. He agreed to a contract extension in the year 2013 which makes him bound to perform his duties for the team as the head coach until the 2019 Rugby World Cup ends.

The head coach has made it clear that he doesn’t want to resign from his post due to the change that took place in the position of Chief Executive of the National Rugby Union of Wales.

But he does think that the current chief executive may want to remove him. According to Gatland, there is indeed a possibility that the change that took place in the position of Chief Executive will affect his position. He didn’t want to say anything more in this regard but he did say that such decisions are generally not within the capacities of a person of his position to make.

He said that he is committed to see his team through the 2019 Rugby World Cup. One can only hope of continuing further but in the end an individual’s performance is judged by the result according to Mr. Gatland. He said that often certain decisions concerning an individual are taken by some other individuals. He said that when Roger Lewis was Chief Executive, he made huge contributions for the team