Wheelchair Rugby, Wales Need Sponsors

Rugby has a wheelchair version as well, which has its own series of tournaments and even a World Cup event.

This year the Wheelchair World Cup would be hosted in France. The Wales Rugby League has its own team for this disability sports league based out of Deeside. This team is looking for sponsors in order to participate in the World Cup event that will be held in France. It will take place between July 18th and 28th. The venues are several located in southern France for the participating teams.

However the Wales teams need money and funds. There have been fund cuts due to which Wales Rugby League as well as a Disability Sports Wales organization might be in a rut to support the team based out of the Deeside Leisure Center. Or else it looks as if the players would need to fund their travel across the channel to take part in the World Cup. The competition will have six nations participating and players would need to have their travel and accommodation expenses covered for about a week if they reach the finals. Wales had come third in the 2013 World Cup after they beat Australia.

This was a major accomplishment as no team from Wales has even been able to beat the Australians at rugby before. This having taken place in an international league definitely points to the potentials of the team. The disability team from Wales will be defending their trophy in Scotland on 29th April where again the staff members and players would have to pay for their own expenses. The team is delighted to have been confirmed by their entry in the World Cup for which training and preparations will commence in May and June. Open training camps will also be held to add more potential talents to the team.